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Flipkart Toys Offer 2018 – Get Up to 70% Off on All Major Brands

Toys are something more than just fun or games for children. Your child pretty much grows up with his/ her favourite toys and spends most of the childhood with them only. At present, Flipkart has wide range of collection of toys in market from various brands. It sometimes becomes a cumbersome task to pick the right one. However, Flipkart has made the task easier by sorting and filtering its wide collection of toys for kids from different ages under several categories ranging from soft toys, musical toys, puzzles, board games to board games and outdoor toys. We have included some top Flipkart Toys Offer to help you select the right deal for kid’s next toy. Now your child’s toys are just a click away!

Flipkart Toys Offer


Skillofun Head & Tail Floor

This is a fun floor puzzle suitable for children between 2 years and 4 years of age. Gifting a board game associated with animals will surely make the children feel intrigued and excited. The puzzle features colourful illustration of animals having objective to find their tails and heads. The puzzle is made from light weight wood, giving it a longer life and easy for children to grasp. This will not only help them build their cognitive skills but also hand dexterity.

Skillofun Beads Trail- Junior Jumbo Multicolour Spiral

The wooden toy lets your child improve the muscle grip and his/ her grip while moving the beads on twisted wires. These movements are pre cursor to the writing skills.

Emob 2 in 1 Multi-Functional Educational Wooden Digital Computing Learning Blocks Box Set

It comes with a wooden storage box including 70 math symbols and number blocks and also counting rods. The colourful toy is sure to hold kids’ attention. The game will make Math more enjoyable and easier to comprehend for your kid. This will give kids a lot of ways to explore numbers and colour recognition. It is one of the best tools to make the child learn addition, subtraction and clock education.

Superbia English Learner Laptop Toy

Encourage your child towards creative learning without any stress. The leaner laptop will let your kid learn new words, go through spelling tests and identify the pictures with names. This English teaching toy with an inbuilt LCD screen has sound instructions, key pad and mouse control to give kids exposure to computers. Also, its auto shut down mechanism helps using the battery effectively.

Zephyr Min Alpha Board

Zephyr Min Alpha Board is a portable educational toy which allows the kids to be introduced to letters of English alphabet and numbers. Children can write at the board with wither chalk or stick magnetic letter. The toy can be gifted to both boys and girls aged between one to three years.

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Fisher Price Rock a Stalk

The Rock-a-Stack kit has colourful beads that stack on the post in a descending order from the base. Once the staking is done, the wobbly base of the toy can be batted and made to rock to and fro. The toy is suitable for babies above 6 months old. With each glossy ring and the rattle sound they make, the kid will surely feel curious and excited!

Fisher Price Baby’s First Blocks

Fisher Price Baby’s First Blocks is an ideal toy for both girls and boys. The toy includes storage bucket with ten colourful blocks in different shapes. The bucket will have a shape sorting lid and a handle making it easy to carry wherever the child wishes!

New Born to Toddler Play Gym

The convertible gym will let your baby settle for hours while he/ she does various entertaining activities. The toy comes with a soft mat, lights, sounds, music and around dozen toys!

Teether Rattle

Rattles are the first play thing for every child. Rattles soon become infant’s favourite toy. They create hand-eye coordination, effect stimulation and shapes and colour recognition.



The Flyers Bay One Button Transforming Police Car into Robot

It is one of the unique products from the house of The Flyers Bay. These transforming topper cars are a source of ultimate entertainment for kids. It has one button transformation feature from robot to car and vice-versa, which will leave your child mesmerized! You can also command the robot to show some dance moves and learn amazing tricks.

Zurie Toy Car Off Road Monster Racing Car

Featuring all function transmitter, this hummer monster car is designed to let the kid control all its movements with ease. The huge front, rear bumpers and durable body makes it extremely rugged. It also has blast feature, electric powered full function transmitter, telescoping antenna and rubber tires with detailed designs.

Next Gen HB Rock Crawler

The toy has rechargeable batteries for the car and 3 AA batteries for 2.4 G Transmitter. The tires, made of high quality PVC are soft and elastic, making it possible for the rock crawler to adjust based on road terrain and tough driving conditions.

Miss & Chief Mini Racing 4 Channel Radio Remote Control Car

This remote-controlled car is surely going to make your child feel ecstatic with its bright colours, accuracy of all parts and the sporty design! Let your child be the winner in racing competitions!

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Windpump Elephant Drummer Toy

Let your child be busy for the entire day as the elephant plays the drum as it unwinds and shakes its body with the rhythm. Kids are always fascinated by the motion! The toy is one of the best companions for your child and let them spend hours laughing and having fun. This toy doesn’t require any battery.

Wishkart Go-Go Fishing Electric Rotating Magnetic Fish Catching Game with Musical Lights

This toy will not only help your kids in attention building, alphabet and number recognition but also give a boost to their creativity and imagination. Let your child build his/ her hand eye coordination, colour, and shape, rhythm and pattern recognition with the fish catching game. This will surely spark their imagination and engage child’s senses.

Skykidzz Play smart Jazz master

For the kids who are interested in music, play master will be a perfect gift. The 37 keys classic piano can be used to compose and play variety of tunes and notes. The play master is incorporated with versatile collection of 8 rhythms and tunes. It also allows the child to record his/ her composed music and play it back. So as to ensure maximum sound output, headphone jack can be connected to amplifier speakers.



Colour Wheel

The colour wheel features 24 oil pastel, 18 crayons, 9 paper clips, 26 markers, 22 colour pencils, 1 sharpener and 1 eraser. Gift your art lover child a complete kit to show off their creativity and put imagination on papers!

Play-Doh Breakfast Buffet

Let your kid mould, make and serve yummy breakfast with the breakfast buffet set. This will allow your child to create various patterns and textures in culinary creations. Kids can also create moulded treats like omelettes, waffles, sandwiches for which they can also create their own toppings. For creative role play, the kit includes spatula, knife and fork.

Sewing Kit

For the aspiring dressmakers, this kit provides everything they need. The kit includes material container, colour threads, assorted needles, seam ripper to undo wrong stitches, needle threader, pearl head pins, hooks, safety pins, dressmaker chalks, small scissors, touch buttons, measuring tapes and bobbins.



Play Tent House

Various play tent houses are available at Flipkart with bright colours to fuel kid’s imagination. The tent house is easy to assemble providing fun environment for kids. They are made up of non-woven chemical free fabric making them kids friendly.

Hopping Horse Animal Toy

Make your little ones learn the coordination and balance while having fun on the bouncy hopping horse. The toy includes free regular hand pump. So, gift your child his/ her favourite playmate from Flipkart!

Hopping Ball

The hopping ball will make your children exercise and strengthen their bodies. The toy will help the kid in balance training and vestibular orientation. This hopper is a fun and stimulating toy not only for the kid but also for parents. Also, this will strengthen the core, abdominal, major leg and major arm muscles.

Skate Scooter

The two wheeled skate scooter is recommended for children between 4 years and 7 years of age weighing not more than 50 kg. They require no assembly, have their wheels lighten up during riding and have adjustable handlebar height. They come with a strong metal frame construction, side stand, rear fender brake and hand brake.

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