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Flipkart Offers on Books

From students to working professionals, one thing always remains common, that is learning. One of the best thing about life is that we never have to stop learning. There are always new skills to learn and techniques for us to adopt. Even if you see the most successful people in the world, and analyze their actions, you would understand this. Warren Buffet spends most of his time in reading. The best entrepreneurs in the world don’t act like they know everything, understanding the fact that they have to continuously learn to be successful. Flipkart Offers on Books helps one to make this learning process more ease out and enjoyable with its amazing deals.

Learning is surely isn’t the most pleasant thing and can get you frustrated easily and although the task is hard, nothing is greater than reaching your accomplishment and when we are looking to learn as much as possible, there’s less of a chance that we will come off as arrogant. One of the biggest truth is that the true charmers don’t make themselves look smart, they make others look smart and when people see that you are trying to learn from them, it makes them like you.Flipkart Books

Well, if you are looking for books and want some good discount on it as well, then you are at the perfect place. Flipkart offers you some amazing deals on your favorite authors and subjects that you just can’t ignore.

Flipkart Offers on Books

There are various categories of books available on Flipkart such as entrance exams, academic, Literature & fiction, Indian Writing, Biographies, Children, Business, Self- Help and Comics.

Shop by Category

Entrance Exams

Are you preparing for competitive examinations and looking for books from reliable publishers? If yes, we are pleased to inform you that Flipkart is offering you several books to prepare you for your examinations. Winning is not just a situation, it is a long process which transforms you completely as a human being. To make this happen, you must prepare yourself and read good stuff every day as it takes a lot of efforts to materialize your dream. If you are preparing rigorously for your examinations like NEET, MBA, JEE Main, IBPS, Bank PO etc., by recognized publishers and authors. Flipkart offers Engineering books, Defence books, Government services books, Scholarship and School level examinations, General preparation books, Law, MBA books, Banking Exam books, UPSC books, Finance books, Teaching related books, Medical books, International books, UGC and SSC books.

Items Get the Deal
Physics for JEE Main & Advanced Buy Here
NEET-Objective Physics Buy Here
Practice Sets SSC Stenographer Buy Here
IAS Mains Chapterwise Solved Papers Buy Here
Study Package for MCA Entrances Buy Here
SSC CGL Tier-1 Buy Here

Educational and Professionals Books

Educational books on Flipkart are classified into academic text books, entrance exams preparation, medical books, computers & internet books and school books. Flipkart is a single platform where you can buy all types of educational books at best price. Academic text books include Humanities books, Journalism and Mass communication, Management studies books, Science books, school books etc.

Items Get the Deal
GGSIPU Engineering Solved Papers Buy Here
Common Mistakes in English Buy Here
Oswaal CBSE Question Bank Buy Here
WB JEE Engineering Solved Paper Buy Here
Self-Study Guide LLB Entrance Examination Buy Here
CLAT Self Study Guide Buy Here

Literature and Fiction Books

Any avid reader must have read some classic books by renowned writers. There are different genres of literature which include historical fiction books, war & military books, action & adventure, romance, short stories, classical books, horror, contemporary books, biographical books, suspense & thriller, mystery and detective, cultural and heritage, erotica, humor, drama, legal, poetry, urban life, fantasy books etc. These books definitely improve your way of perceiving the world, real situations and clarifies your vision. Action and adventure books include Inferno, Angels & Demons, Game of Thrones, Pralaya, Baaz, The Adventures of Rusty, Ivanhoe, The Thirty Nine Steps. Here, we are giving some categories for you to explore.

Historical Fiction Books

These are the books which make you feel familiar with History. We all want to know how our kingdoms were formed and ruined, different civilizations and their way of living, and other similar things. Writers like Khushwant Singh, Amitav Ghosh, Ramachandra Guha, Elizabeth Gilbert etc., have wonderfully carved out the minute details. Explore historical fiction.

Items Get the Deal
Ashoka the Great Buy Here
The Signature of All Things Buy Here
Democrats and Dissenters Buy Here
Harappa-Curse of the Blood River Buy Here

Contemporary Women Books

These books depict a life of the woman living in the contemporary society. Today, women have made a place for themselves in the male-dominated society and achieving their dreams of becoming what they want to. Women have proved that they can play every role better than their male counterparts. Here are some books which have successfully proved their point.

Items Get the Deal
Britt- Marie Was Here Buy Here
Miss Jane Buy Here
The Pleasure is all Mine Buy Here
MS Draupadi Kuru Buy Here

Classic Books

You must have come across some blogs or journals detailing collection of classic books and love of reader towards them. Flipkart seeing your love of reading classic literature has come up with the section named Literature and fiction where it has offered books of different genres. Similarly, there is a section called classic books where you will find books which are as classic as your taste.

Items Get the Deal
Forget Me Not, Stranger Buy Here
The Remains of the Day Buy Here
Diary of a Young Girl Buy Here
The Woman in White Buy Here

Indian Writing

Indian writing is a compilation of hard work of intellectual writers. Authors like Bipin Chandra have mentioned history of India in modern times which shows us the vastness of Indian writing in English. There are prominent writers who have penned the most heart-touching works. Have a look at list by Flipkart.

Items Get the Deal
Ram- Scion of Ikshvaku Buy Here
History of Modern India Buy Here
Three Thousand Stitches Buy Here
Till The Last Breath Buy Here

Biographies and Autobiographies

Are you interested in knowing about people you admire? Do you want to know about minute details of their lives? Flipkart is presenting its extensive collection of biographies and autobiographies. People like APJ Abdul Kalam have shaped our perception about life and success through his doings in life. There are writers who have worked so hard to describe real-life experiences and taught us valuable lessons. Go and buy now.

Items Get the Deal
Wings of Fire: An Autobiography Buy Here
I Am Malala Buy Here
Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacsn Buy Here
A Century is Not Enough Buy Here


You must be thinking of books that help in influencing your child in a right manner. Get them books which are meant for them to make them understand the world around us in an interesting manner. Children’s literature books gives them insights into reality. Flipkart allows you to shop according to the age of your kid. Shop colorful books for your kid.

Books for 0-2 Years Old

Items Get the Deal
Fancy Story Board Book Buy Here
The Going To Bed Book Buy Here
Things That Go Buy Here
Touch and Feel Shapes Buy Here

Books for 2-5 Years Old

Items Get the Deal
First 1000 Words Buy Here
Easy Learning Writing Buy Here
My Jumbo Vegetables Pictionary Buy Here
Sam Sheep Can’t Sleep Buy Here

Books for 5-9 Years Old

Items Get the Deal
The Blue Umbrella Buy Here
The Comic Capers of Sheikh Chilli Buy Here
How Bear Lost His Tail Buy Here
The Enormous Trip Buy Here

Books for 9-12 Years Old

Items Get the Deal
The Dragon of Fortune Buy Here
The Famous Five Buy Here
Tintin And Picaros Buy Here
Jataka Collection Buy Here

In addition to above mentioned books, there are some more books which are included in Children’s literature like The Cloud Castle, Diary of a Wimpy Kid etc. Flipkart offers a huge collection of books. Get some books for your kid.

Items Get the Deal
Diary of a Wimpy Kid Buy Here
Cyber-Thief Showdown Buy Here
We, the Children of India Buy Here
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Buy Here

Business, Investing and Management Books

There are books which help you transform as an individual. You gain confidence and recognition using your own efforts and hard work. These books urge you to do better every now and then, improves your entrepreneur skills. Every successful person reads a few pages every day. It helps him increase his creativity, makes him optimistic, decisive and energetic. These books help you become more tolerant towards risks and motivates you to achieve your goals.

Items Get the Deal
The Leadership Sutra Buy Here
The Art of Choosing Buy Here
The Habit of Winning Buy Here
Zero To One Buy Here

Self-help Books

We are living in a world where there is a constant threat of anxiety, fear and restlessness. One of the best remedies to overcome those emotions is reading. Reading good books and quotations help you manage stress and anxiety and you start feeling good about yourself. There are various books written by authors who themselves felt those emotions and try to put a solution. Flipkart offers a bunch of books to you which are going to help you when you are distressed.

Items Get the Deal
Attitude is Everything Buy Here
The Secret Buy Here
Think & Grow Rich Buy Here
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Buy Here


Comics are meant to read by those who are developing a new language. Children read and develop the entire picture of the story in their mind. It helps parents to guide their children with the narrative. It also helps children memorize characters, plot, storyline etc., which eventually helps them to get a good memory. Flipkart offers a bunch of comics where you can buy your favorite book. Books like Jataka collection, Andheri Nagari and Other Stories convey a moral message of the story.

Items Get the Deal
The Cheese Burglar Buy Here
Tinkle Super Star Pack Buy Here
The Great Mughals Buy Here
Stories of Krishna Buy Here

Flipkart offers are amazing and exciting when it comes to buying online. You can buy from extensive collection of books available on Flipkart. There are various other categories of books such as Romance books, Suspense and Thriller books, Religious, Mystery and Detective etc. There is a section dedicated to bestselling books where you can read best works like What’s Your Story, Stranger, GITA, The 3 Mistakes of My Life, Objective General English, How to Win Friends and Influence People etc., by recognized authors.

Top Offers on Books

Take a look at these deals and decide which one you want:-

56% Discount on I Do What I Do, Raghuram G. Rajan!

I Do What I Do tells a lot about the mind, Raghuram G. Rajan is one of the most respected economists, one whose commitment to India’s progress shines through his essays and speeches. The book is an insight to RBI Governor who discovers for himself when he sits down on his desk on the 18th floor where the rupee freeze. This book is published by HarperCollins and is currently offered at INR 305, additionally, you can avail an extra 5% discount with axis bank buzz credit card.

Grab this Offer

Top comment – “The book is worth reading. A good insight is given by the Governor of RBI Mr. Raghuram Rajan. Excellent book with a compilation of his speeches during his term.”

INR 220 Discount on Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind!

This book tells us about the evolution of the world and humans and to all of the historians inside you, this could be a gold mine to learn and pave for further knowledge. It is written in a very easy style and with examples and narrates in simple language. You can buy the book for an exclusive price of INR 279, and additionally, you can avail another 5% discount via the axis bank card. Great deal!

Grab this Offer

Top comment – ”If you don’t know where you have come from how will you appreciate where you have come and to where you are headed and is a must-read.”

Sourav Ganguly’s “A Century is not Enough” is on the Top Deal Page Offering 43% off!

To all of the fellow Indian cricket lovers, this book from India’s cricketing legend has been showcased on Flipkart as one of the top sellers and this could be just the right time to buy this book as the book is offered at a great deal price of INR 395 along with an additional 5% off on axis bank card holder. This must buy would surely not stay on the deals page for long so you must hurry!! In this book he answered all the questions that when cricket might possible for him, how much efforts it takes to perform when the pressure is sky high , how do you fight back and win, how do you make a name for yourself when you are young and have started the journey which is closest to your heart and many more.

Grab this Offer

Top comment – “Outstanding book written by Sourav Ganguly and Gautam Bhattacharya. He was the person who redefined the art of aggression, self-belief and gives team India the mental strength to perform better especially in overseas. I personally get a lot of inspiration by reading this book. Good stuff by Flipkart. Their delivery is so neat and clean and really helpful.”

The Ivory Throne (English, Paperback, Pillai) – 38% off

Want to dive deep into some history? The Ivory Throne conjures up a dramatic world of political intrigues and factions, black magic and conspiracies, crafty ceremonies and splendorous temple treasures, all harnessed in a tragic contest for power and authority in the age of empire. The book is up on the offer wall of Flipkart and you can avail at an exclusive price of INR 428 with additional 5% discount from the Axis bank card payment. This book is published by Harper Collins India.

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Top comment – “An excellently written history of the House of Travancore. It made riveting reading. Recommended for anyone who is interested in the history of Kerala & the relationship between the Royal family & the British Residency.”

Exclusive Flipkart Only Deal Train to Pakistan (PB) by Khushwant Singh

No one of us has felt what it was like during the partition, having heard a lot of story from our grandmothers and grandfathers, if you would like to dive deep in to that past, Train To Pakistan shows what it must have been for the people caught in the middle of the Partition, when a country is divided along communal lines! Flipkart is offering the book at just INR 149 and is getting sold at a rapid rate as there are only a few left. Time to grab your own? Grab the deal without wasting a second!

Grab this Offer

Top comment – “Time, season, wind, Government and much more change but Kushwant Singh ji’s grip on explaining will remain a benchmark for all writers in India, the characters introduction, background, stories behind, situation and never the least climax is a masterpiece. We miss him now.”

Abolishing the Death Penalty, Gopalkrishna Gandhi at Just INR 290

There is no credible evidence that the death penalty deters crime more effectively than a prison term, the book starts on this point and goes to the deepest root. Flipkart is offering 27% discount on the book. Hurry up to grab the offer!

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When I Hit You by Meena Kandasamy at Just INR 312

The risk of desensitization is averted: The novel becomes a meditation on the art of writing about desire, abuse, and trauma, making this novel a must read and with 37% discount this book is going to blow your mind!

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