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Flipkart Diapers Offers

With babies and elderly people in families, Diapers are must-haves to have a mess-free and hygienic home. It is really important to choose the best diaper which is healthy for the baby’s skin and does not cause any rash or infection. Here comes Flipkart Diapers Offers to save money.

Flipkart brings you a wide range of baby and adult diapers with some amazing discounts to choose from. Grab these Flipkart offers deals before they are gone.

Flipkar Diapers Offers

Flipkart Diapers Offers for Babies

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25% off on Active Baby Newborn Pampers Diapers 72 pieces

This has an elastic waistband which perfectly fits a newborn. With its high absorbency and leakage protection, it provides a good night’s sleep and comfort to the newborn baby. It is now available on Flipkart at a 25% discount at only INR 749.

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Save INR 232 on MamyPoko Pants Extra Large – XL (54 Pieces)

Flipkart offers 24% discount on this MamyPoko Pants Diapers offering this at only INR 698. This diaper comes with a crisscross absorbent sheet, which can provide about 12 hours of protection by absorbing upto 7 glasses of urine. This diaper does not become too heavy as the urine spreads evenly due to its excellent design. It also provides great comfort due to its stretchable thigh support.

Get this wonderful product at a discounted price before the offer is gone.

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25% Discount on Huggies Wonder Pants Small Size Diapers – S (60 Pieces)

Get your monthly stock of 60 Huggies Wonder Pants Diapers from Flipkart at a mouthwatering deal at only INR 520, thus saving INR 179 on its MRP of INR 699. These wonder pants come with super stretchy elastic which adapts to baby’s waist to give a gentle and comfortable fit. It provides upto 12 hours of absorption and protection against leakage with its double leak guard.

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Get at only INR 424 Himalaya Pants with Anti Rash Shield Large Size – 28 pieces

These diapers come with the goodness of Yashada Bhasma. It has a wetness indicator which turns green when baby wets the diaper. It ensures proper air circulation with its breathable fabric. It also prevents diaper rashes, it comes with an anti-rash shield. This diaper with all its goodness is now available on Flipkart at only INR 424 at a discount of 11%.

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22% off in Libero Pants Diaper – M (40 Pieces)

The absorbent core of this diaper locks the liquid in and keeps baby dry for a long time. It is made up of very soft material and also protects baby from skin rashes. These Diapers also comes with a very comfortable fit which does not leave any marks on baby’s skin. Get this product at only INR 429 from Flipkart which means you can now save INR 121 on its MRP of INR 550, thus getting a discount of 22% on this Libero diapers.

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27% off on EasyFit Baby Diaper – M (40 Pieces)

These diapers have triple layered leak guards to provide better protection. It has soft elastic stripes and contoured leg cuffs for snugly and better fit. The sides can be opened for easy removal. It has antibacterial properties to protect babies from nappy rashes and infections. Non-toxic materials are used in the preparation of these diapers to prevent harmful side effects.

Get this product at only INR 800 from Flipkart with a discount of 27%.

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Get at Only 998 – Little Angel Extra Dry Diapers – XL (60 Pieces)

This diaper contains features like Stretchable Waist Band & Wetness Indicator, designed to give Superior absorbency and keep baby’s skin Dry all day long. Made with ultra soft airfresh material to keep your little one’s skin protected from rashes, Little Angel Extra Dry Diapers are the best you can give to your baby. Get this product at a discount of 4%, market price is 1,044 and available on Flipkart at INR 998.

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Cloth Or Reusable Diapers For Babies

44% off on Eco Baby Pocket Cloth Diaper – Free Size

Eco baby cloth diapers are very easy to use and come in one size adjustable option. These pocket diapers come in snap closures which are more durable than Velcro and are easy to use on newborn as well as toddlers. They also come with one 3-layer microfiber insert.This insert absorbs wetness leaving the baby dry and comfortable. These eco baby diapers are environment-friendly and can also be machine-washed. It is available on Flipkart at only INR 550, whereas the MRP of the same is INR 999, so that you get a discount of whopping 44%.

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Get at only INR 534 Bumberry Pocket Diaper (Trains) – New Born (2 Pieces)

Flipkart offers 31% discount on this newborn cloth diapers, so you get this INR 780 diaper at only INR 534. These diapers are an excellent combination of style, economy and environment-friendly.Babies in cloth diapers benefit from more air circulation, less build-up of high temperatures, and are less susceptible to skin rashes unlike in disposables.

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55% off in Ole Baby REUSABLE Nappy Organic Cotton AntiBacterial Washable Free Size Adjustable Waterproof Covered Blue 0-3 Years ( Made in India) – M

Ole baby is a reusable washable organic cotton cloth diaper. Comes with adjustable fraldas to make it for baby upto 2 years. The outer layer is made from new improved Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) Laminated Fabric, which is highly Water-Resistant, Breathable and Very Durable. It can be washed without any deformation and gives an ideal protection for your baby, the bed and linens from leakage. This product is also germproof. Get this amazing product at INR 431 only on Flipkart after a discount of 55% on its MRP 959.

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Flipkart Diapers Offers for Adults

Elderly people with immobility or adults with several disease conditions might require diapers. To make this wearable comfortable and hygienic, Flipkart brings wide varieties of adult diapers which you can find here.

21% off on EasyFit Pullup Adult Diapers – XL (10 Pieces)

New Easyfit Pull-Ups Are Easy To Pull Up And Down Like Regular Underwear. This product fas stretchable Waistband And Tear-Away Sides For Easy Removal. This also has convenient Leg Cuffs, Leak Guards For Maximum Protection and netted Channel For Faster Liquid Absorption.Suitable for adults from 20kg to upto 150kg. Priced at INR 700, this is now available on Flipkart at only INR 550.

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9% off on Friends Overnight Diaper 16 Hours Protection Adult Diapers – L (10 Pieces)

This diaper has breathable fabric with cloth-like comfort to ensure the adults sleep like a baby. Comes with wetness indicator where the marking fades away or changes colour when diaper is wet, indicating the need to change it. It can be used for upto 16 hours making it ideal for overnight use. It can be used by patients with urology problems, paralyzed patients, bedridden and disabled patients. It has Cloth-like breathable sides which are soft and comfortable on the skin. Extra Dual Core Padding for higher absorption. Waist Elastic for better fitment. Flipkart brings this diaper at INR 589 only.

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Get only at 388 B-fit Adult Diapers Medium Adult Diapers – M (10 Pieces)

These diapers come with super soft inner cotton padding thus providing comfort in no time. They are better for adult incontinence. Provides comfort like cloth and the refastenable tapes can be adjusted for a comfort fit. It also has super absorbent gel core which keeps a dry feel and freshness for hours without any worries of incontinence. Get this at a deal of INR 388 only from Flipkart.

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