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Flipkart Hunts for Senior Executives to Consolidate Its Market Position

Flipkart after being acquired by Walmart, is out there in the market to recruit senior management executives to enhance their market position in the e-commerce space. As per company reports, Flipkart recruitment for senior officials in broadly four categories namely, chief HR, chief product officer, head of engineering and senior talent for supply chain and marketing.

As per one of the officials in Flipkart, the company is going to accelerate the search up process for acquiring this talent for Flipkart to acquire a larger share of the market .As every one knows Flipkart provide various offers such as Today’s deal, Flipkart Cash Back Offers, etc. to strike maximum sale on e-commerce websites. The company has decided to adopt a novel strategy for choosing talent by looking up through the existing talent as well as lay a strong focus on acquiring new resources. Industry experts and executive search firms predict that Flipkart would be looking on hiring mature talent of at least 15 years of experience so that the company can benefit from the expertise of these executives. These senior managers are expected to leverage their knowledge and experience for the betterment of the company. However, it is quite obvious that Flipkart would be hiring creamy top layer employees to fulfill its current requirements.

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The major reason behind strengthening their top tier of senior officials is the sheer competition that company will face now with Amazon India. The global giant Walmart does not wants to limit its online reach only to the Indian market space and intends to extend this online market space reach to other potential market geographies also such as China. This would be a big step for leading Flipkart to a trajectory of huge success as with this move the company will move towards global expansion. Flipkart and Myntra would also get a chance to learn some of the best practices of Walmart in many aspects especially their Supply Chain and the implementation practices at the backend. Walmart would also make use of cross sectional and Omni channel strategies which is relatively new for Flipkart but nonetheless is going to work wonders for the company especially in terms of supply chain enhancement.

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Coming to the hiring front, Flipkart has very stringent policies for its leadership hiring especially for C- level leaders but inspite of this Flipkart receives lot of applications from applicants as it is one of the most sought after corporate career options in the country. Flipkart also focuses a lot on in-house talent development and hires many leaders through internal talent acquisition process also.

In 2015, cofounders of Flipkart hired a new management team replacing the experienced managers from companies like Mckinsey and Google. However, in 2017 when Kalyan Krishnamurthy was appointed as the CEO of Flipkart, he decided to follow a different line of thinking and removed existing experienced professionals and instead appointed some talented and non experienced junior managers in the senior ladder to take care of the company.

But now after this Flipkart’s acquisition, Walmart wishes to bring in some experienced senior management professionals who can help in scaling up the company to new heights. Flipkart has lost almost around 12 senior leaders since June 2016 which includes logistic head Saikiran KrishnaMurthy, CFO Sanjay Baweja and also the CEO Nitin Seth. Flipkart has been looking for CFO, HR head and a group general counsel for almost over a year now. This surely seems to be a great amount of time for hiring such top leaders by a company like Flipkart which is the biggest e-commerce giant in the country at present. However, choice of wrong individuals in the senior management levels has surely impacted Flipkart a lot in the past 2-3 years and the company is now taking extra caution and trying to be conscious in the hiring process this time so that they get the best ones this time to lead the company.

Though many of the global powerhouses operate independently nowadays, but, collaboration of business conglomerates on technical and supply chain is integral in order to gain competitive advantage. Unlike other mergers and acquisitions for instance, telecom industry acquisitions which brought in stagnancy in the market, this acquisition would bring in lot of exciting opportunities for Flipkart and also bring in expansion on a global scale. Flipkart is also quite well equipped technically and Walmart will put forth this strong technology force and target both new and existing markets. Flipkart being a profoundly technology driven company and Walmart being a king in offline space, the collaboration is expected to yield strong market position for both the enterprises in the long run.

This ongoing hunt is an indication of Flipkart’s future plan to grow as a market leader as the company looks to move forward on the path of global growth and is looking to scale new heights by out powering arch rivals Amazon India in every possible way.

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