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Digit Insurance Partners with Flipkart Offering Smartphone Insurance

Digit Insurance has partnered with Flipkart for launch a Smartphone Insurance plan for customers who buy smartphones from India’s largest e-commerce platform. The insurance covers the loss of the mobile phone as well. According to the survey conducted by the firm, it has been established that 10-15% of the damage done in the mobile screen of the smart phone is within one year of the purchase. The cost to get things fixed for these damages comes out to be 50-60% of the cost of the Smartphone. The customers repairing of the old mobile is much more in challenge where there are lots of new upcoming models in the market, as it has been seen that the normal life for any high-end smartphone is not more than 18 months.

Smartphone's Insurance

Digit Insurance has gone an extra step to simplify the insurance policy for Flipkart Smartphone customers. The policy is designed by taking in mind the gap between the mobile polices and current market and customer expectations. The main feature of this policy is that even if there is a screen damage on the phone, the customer gets a pre-decided amount of flat 20% of the invoice value of the smart phone. Secondly, it’s a zero deductible plan launched. Once the customer claims for this policy the invoice value of the phone is considered and not the current market value which means zero depreciation. The policy is so simplified there are no rigorous steps to get this policy or any links to download the applications and all, the phone is covered under the policy once it has been delivered to the customers door step. This policy has a worldwide coverage no matter where the damage has been done may in India or outside. Flipkart buyers have the options to buy limited cover for the screen damage which mostly customers take, or the customer can opt for all accidental damages and theft as well. The premiums which the customers pay to the company are digital, the settlement of the claim is also easily done transferring the money into the customer’s account online. This is one of the major reasons why customer opt for e insurance.

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The policy claim process gets easy and fast where there is a process of self-diagnosis. This process is where the customer can self-check the damage and claim for insurance. When there is screen damage happened the customers easily shoot the images or videos of the external damage of the phone and share with Digit. After the approval from Digit the fixed amount of the claim is been processed. This process has been successfully working with Digit as 77% of their customers use the self-diagnosis app and 94% of the claims also do get it approved within 24 hours of the receival of the complaint. As it also becomes easy for Digit and the customers to get the approval and receiving the claim accordingly.  As per the option taken by the customer the amount of the claim is either moved to the customer’s account or its settled directly by the repair center as per the choice of customer. It’s a hassle-free process for both the options.

This is one of the newly roped in strategy by Flipkart to boost their Smartphone Sales where they are already leading the market in India. Flipkart customers now with the aided cushion of Digit Insurance can simply relax and browse for their next smartphone. The insurance will also allow for a higher value while reselling the phone online or offline. The features of this insurance policy are designed while keeping in mind the customer expectations and nevertheless the market trends and other guidelines available. Therefore, be sure to sign off (or at least check out) Digit Insurance offer before purchasing your latest smartphone on Flipkart.


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